Additional Campaign Outline

Theme: Mature content 18+. Moral ambiguity, mostly grey, sliding into black. “To what ends and by what means?”
The campaign will be a combination of sandbox with included theme park content. You won’t be locked in “mission to mission” scenarios, nor will you be wandering around cities with no plot. My aim is to offer a sandbox based around locations, factions, player motivations and player focused adventures.

Tone: Dark, gritty and pretty grim. The taint of Chaos lurks in it’s many forms, obscured from plain sight. Corruption is rife. “Who can you trust?”

Goals: The goal of this campaign is to have fun whilst participating in multiple engrossing and immersive sessions that the players and GM both mould to create an epic story, long remembered.

Challenge: Disease, mutation, insanity and dire critical wounds ranging from a disfiguring scar to a severed limb are a common occurrence. Any fight should be given serious consideration as it’s a grim and perilous world.

Character Creation: Players may choose starting Career and Race, you don’t have to roll, unless you’d like to. Standard point allocation system. Noble Careers must start with Affluent wealth during character creation. No Ogres as players.

Character Integrity: Players will be expected to “have a character with character” and a background, not just a stat block . Yes, there will be combat and dice rolling for mechanics etc, but this will not be a board game. My focus will be immersion and a mutual, malleable story. Social rolls will have weight.

Rules Integrity: Official rules as written, prices/currency changed to 2nd Ed (post Character Generation) as they’re more expansive. Initiative is a self roll not a collective allocation.

Narrative Integrity: Dice trump narrative. You are not locked into a script, the dice may help keep us all on our toes. The WFRP3 dice are brilliant for this! They not only determine pass/fail but can create a plethora of positive or negative (or both simultaneously!) effects.

Metagame Knowledge and Secrecy: No metagaming, if your character doesn’t know it or can’t hear, taste, touch, smell or see it, you roleplay it accordingly. I would prefer secrets to be kept both in and out of game to avoid metagaming.

Leadership and Connections: I have a system for determining this as a guide, players choice for specifics. Players will be familiar with one another (negative or positive connection) and will have an ally and an enemy.

Pacing: Each session will pick up after the last.

Rewards: Equipment will be acquired through roleplay. Experience will be rewarded upon session attendance as a base and a bonus applied for exceptional roleplaying.

Etiquette: If you’re playing, you’re contributing. A headset and mic will be required as it enables people to talk over one another and you can still hear everything, with speakers this is not possible. The mute function is there should you wish to cough, fart, sneeze, eat or go to the toilet for number 2’s with your cordless headset on. Yes it has happened and is why I make it clear here now.

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Additional Campaign Outline

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