Warmth of Darkness

Setting: Old World, The Empire, 2515
Ruleset: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Ed.
Medium: Roll20 with Google Hangouts OR Fantasy Grounds (FG is preferred but it’s ok if you don’t have it)
Game Start Time: Saturday’s 21:00 GMT – Check your local HERE
Campaign Title: Warmth of Darkness
Campaign Duration: Long Term
Session Frequency: Weekly
Session Duration: 4hrs approx.
Starting location: commencing in Altdorf, the Imperial capital.

A sandbox campaign designed for, with and about the players.

I am using the WFRP3 system to create a highly immersive experience.
The action cards help players self narrate their actions, the combat distance system is geared around removing a battle grid to better help facilitate narrative combat and the dice can cause so many variables that affect the environment, beyond simple pass/fail, that it makes for a lot of fun. All of these factors draw the players into their minds eye and constantly engage visualisation, which deepens the immersion.

I’m looking for players that enjoy roleplaying in a dark and gritty, low fantasy, horror setting.

Content will be mature and it will be roleplay heavy, so I ask applicants to be 18+ and players will be expected to “have a character with character”. My focus will be immersion and a mutual, malleable story. In exchange for a sandbox for you to enjoy at your hearts desire it does require you knowing your characters own goals and motivations.

Experience with WFRP or Horror RPG’s like Cthulhu or Vampire etc will be highly regarded.

Requirements Summary:

  • headset and mic
  • willing to roleplay (not roll play)
  • willing to create a background story – tools provided, may need 30mins of thought
  • relatively reliable weekly attendance but sometimes RL comes up, I understand
  • 18+ as mature content (Horror etc)
    “Mature” does not mean it’s ok to be a sex creep or torture/murder hobo, if you are you will be promptly removed.

Additional Campaign Outline
The Setting
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Warmth of Darkness

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